Rubbish blog Friday

Hi guys really sorry short blog tonight due to me being ill!

All the horses are great and not much drama!

I have loads of homework and probebly won’t be able to post until the 6th of Feb may do an early goodbye post?

See you soon Thea xoxoxo


The Horses!

So this week i have ridden my mums racehorse Jag!

He was very naughty and got very excited due to not being ridden for a long while!

I rode him up and down the village road!
I have the wonerful job of feeding (and other bits and bobs).
The horses all have alfa a (green veg for horses) and calm and condition or fast fibre (potato for horses).
Some have red mills (enery) and others have nuts (no energy). The ponies have fast fibre and happy hoof!
They get fully mucked out in the mornings and the poos and wet in the evening. They have their buckets
scrubbed in the mornings and just topped up in the evenings! They have hay morings and evenings!

So i hope this gave you a small incite to the horses life!
I’m sorry its so short but I have loads of homework (one is a project) and i am going skiing on the 23rd to the 31st
of january!

Maybe post next week.

Bye bye Thea xoxox

My New Year Pony Goals!

Hi everyone!

So on this post i will be posting my  3 pony goals! ( sorry 4 faults stolen from you)

1. Try to do more on willow! (pony club, jumping lessons, RIDING!)

2. Clean tack more often!(not really mine but we have so much tack and mum normally does it!)

3. GO HUNTING!  With willow because its what she loves most!

I 20140407-183042.jpgwill try really hard on these!

Bye bye Thea xoxox

Blog Friday 1! New Year x

Hi Everyone,
To start off with i will be posting more.Not just about animals but teenage trouble!

I found my first year at secondry school really hard!
Everyone got to know everyone and once they did all hell broke loose!
Fighting here fighting there not fist fights, but behind backs and to faces!
Luckly i did not have to much trouble but lots of people asked me for advise so here it is!

3 tips for a good first year!!

1st. Do not say anything really awful to ANYONE about anyone! Even if it is your best friend
try not to because this might just slip out, not on purpose but just when someone keeps saying
“Come on i know they said something!”
Maybe you had a huge fight with your best friend,
then they might use what you said against you and cause more fights!

2nd. If someone is trying to be horrid to you or trying to get yo you then act like it’s sunshhine and happines
(even if you are upset.) This then means they realise that you don’t take things personally,
and they will most likely stop.
If they do not stop do not hang out with them!
When you walk past them give them a huge grin and keep walking.
Hang out with other people to show you have other friends!
And you can go to them if you don’t want to hang out with the people being mean to you!
But do NOT be mean or rude to these people.
to them or behind their backs! It will most likely end badly.

3rd. If you are being bullied go and talk to an adult and or student. Itdoesen’t have to be a teacher.
It could be your mum, dad, aunty or uncle.
At school there is most likely a place to go and talk to a quilified person to talk to!
Even a student who isin a special programme to talk to other students in need!

So i hope this was very helpful and you guys can use this for school it doesen’t even have to be your first year
of school it can be whenever!


Bye Bye! Thea xoxox

Happy new year!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! So this year i’m setting myself a blogging resolution! Blog at least once every 2 weeks. I will try Friday’s . I am also doing teen troubles once every 2 weeks. So horses, teen, horses,teen ect. I know that might be a bit different but i thought it be something else for my blog.


I will be extremely grateful for any suggestions on my blog about anything! 

Bye bye Thea xoxo